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Members Home

Welcome to our members-only section. Access to this content is restricted. To see all of it you must be a member and logged in. All your available clicks will appear in the left side menu. Here is where you will find our sail and power registries; the members' directory; our bylaws; the SSYC Auxiliary pages; and the new ssyConnect.

is our confidential social media site-within-a-site. It beats Facebook; and, unlike Facebook, is absolutely private. What happens on ssyConnect stays on ssyConnect.

No data is mined or sold. It's also free of advertising. We know that a lot of you have been Facebookers for years and might not to want to switch. But we're going to see if the demand is there to make this new system an attractive alternative for our members.

There are many potential uses. Fleets, for example, can start their owns groups and talk amongst themselves. To help you get started, the ssyConnect menu contains a userguide full of handy info.


2017 Winter Storage

Due to limited space and larger boats, only an anticipated 86 storage spaces will be available on the Grounds for Winter 2017-18.  Per the By-Laws, they will be offered on the basis of Club Seniority, without regard to previous storage history.  The Seniority List is below.  If you are not in the first 86, you most likely need to make alternate plans for stoage this winter.  For questions, call the Office.

2017 Winter Storage Seniority List Updated 7.25



Become a 'Steward'

Our new Welcome Aboard program provides “new-member stewards” to people who are joining SSYC without the benefit of pre-existing friendships. Integrating them quickly into club life is our goal. Read all about it here.

Stewards are volunteer longtime members. Already many volunteers have stepped up. But we're going to need a lot more because early indications point to a big recruitment season this year.

Welcome Aboard is a mentoring/buddy system whereby the new member, in being assigned a steward, acquires an instant friend and go-to person. While not replacing our orientation programs, Welcome Aboard gets the new member up to speed in advance of the next scheduled orientation session.

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