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May 2017

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Compass Highlights

The Parking Lot...

...Work is continuing, and there will be disruptions, but completion is still expected by June 30.


...Its history, its new season, and its new penalty scheme.

Meet the New Members...

...And check out the next New Member Open House May 13

The Docks are Open...

...Volunteer crews work hard to get them ready and improved.

From the Helm

Take Care During Parking Lot Construction

ken dziubek author2

Parking Lot

Well, the parking lot is becoming messy. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this process. Please be very careful when approaching the Club. There are survey sticks, holes, very large holes, uneven ground and temporary wires and tape to look out for. Slow down, look around and drive carefully. I almost drove into one of the large holes, but there was a VW in it and my truck just went over the top of it (a little drum roll, ba dump bump).

They are going to be pouring concrete just west of our gate around May 8th, and it will need about 7 days to cure, so that means no traffic in or out during that time. Jim Casper, Greg Gaitens and Jerry Kedziora provide more information, below.

Front Pedestrian Gate and Racing

There have been concerns over whether our non-member race crews will be able to enter the pedestrian gate on race dates now that our added security measures call for the gate normally to be locked. We've decided to program the gate lock to be unlocked 2 hours before the first start time and locked again at the time of the last start, as long as the Fleet Captains send Mike Wiedel the dates and times of the races. If your crew reports the gate was locked, talk to your Fleet Captain, not Mike. We believe this is a sensible approach to allowing guest convenience while maintaining Club security.

And don't forget, another way to allow crew members unlimited access is to invite the non-members to join the Club!

Scanning Your Club Card

You don’t have to take your Club membership card out of your purse or your wallet to unlock the pedestrian gate. Just wave the purse or wallet near the scanner in the brick post, and the gate will unlock for about 10 seconds. There isn’t a noticeable sound, just try the gate. If you're tall, try the “dupa scan" like the Commodore does.

Spring Storm Blues!

Don’t get the Spring Storm Blues! Early boating can be great, and it can be hazardous. Storms are frequent and rough early in the season. Slips, lines and fenders must be in top notch, A-1 condition. Cleats must be secure. Life Jackets (PFDs) must be worn. Don’t even think of using cheap or non-marine rated lines. At least 6 dock lines per boat is a good rule. A rubber snubber braided in the lines will save a cleat -- and a boat. Take your boat up the river, where the waters may be calmer, if you’re not prepared.

Concerns about our Fence

There is a rumor that the County and some members are thinking that our fence needs either rebuilding or replacement. Gary Johnson, Grounds Director, is getting some estimates and choices to improve the fence.

Since the expenditure would be over $10,000 the members would have to approve the decision at a General Membership Meeting. Preliminary thoughts on cost are about $30,000. Ideas on paying for the project could include an assessment of $70 per Active member, or borrowing the money now that our construction loan will be paid off, or putting the project into the 2018 budget. Another option, of course, is doing nothing.

The County wants to plant a creeping vine that will grow and cover the existing fence. Some members say that the creeping vine may be too prolific and never stop creeping. The County’s concern apparently is that the existing fence may not last through the one-year warranty that the contracted supplier of the vine has to furnish.

Some considerations are: Do we want the vine, whether on our old fence or on a new fence? Can we ask the County not to plant the vine? Do we have to replace the fence now?

Send your thoughts to Gary. His email and phone number are in the club directory, either on our website or in the new printed $5.00 Handbook.

Bell Buoy Memorial

The Bell Buoy Memorial is now on our website. Paul Bargren, our Publications Director has posted it at the Members Section It will be updated monthly. Please send the Names, DOB and DOD of the people that are interred and you want listed to me at



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New Menus Debut for Summer '17

Chef Sam Spiegel has rolled out new menus for the summer. They're tasty!

Check out the Grill menu:  The traditional favorite SSYC Burger is there, but so are the Blue Ox sandwich and the Blackjack Quesadilla.  Or try a Brat or Fish 'n' Chips.  And there's much more.

Summer lunches?  How about a Cobb Salad or Spicy Shrimp & Avocado Lettuce Wraps, plus many old favorites and new treats.

And Friday dinner:  start with a Beet Salad, then move on to Boursin Chicken or Greek Shrimp.  Or how about Coffee-Crusted Tenderloin?  Not to mention the traditional Wisconsin Fish Fry.

Check out the complete menus on the website.  Better yet, check them out in person in the dining room or bar.  Bon appetit!



House Committee

craig depies compass authorYou've Got that Boating Feeling!

By Craig Depies
House Committee Chair

Boating season has started, and it’s time to truly enjoy one of the main reasons you are a member of the Club. I understand there are several Members who have not arranged to get their membership cards. Why? Without the card, entering the Club is more of a challenge, and you will not be allowed to house charge. Please call the office at 414-481-2331 today and arrange to get your card.

We have a nice facility and beautiful view of the water and the city skyline. The bar is a great place to bring friends and potential members. The club does not post hours of closing because we want to offer flexibility to our Members. It is cost prohibitive for the club to be open at late hours with no Members in the bar. This common sense approach helps hold down dues. If you are planning to go to the club after 10 p.m., please give a quick call to insure the bar is open.

Anodyne house blend coffee will be featured in the bar beginning Saturday, June 10. The House Committee members did some taste testing and found this one a nice blend to start with. The cost for coffee will not change at the bar. Milwaukee is full of great coffee purveyors, so we may switch them up from time to time. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


The House Committee says, "Keep it classy, SSYC!"




Next New Member Open House is May 13

Know any people who might like to join South Shore Yacht Club?  Invite them to the next New Member Open House, noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 13.

The most recent open house, on April 22, was a great success, with over 30 families stopping by to visit and several new memberships in the works as a result.

The open house is a great chance to show off the Club, meet some Club officers, talk up the Club's benefits, and give prospective members a flavor of what's in store.  Visitors can opt for the no-risk TRY program, essentially a month's free membership with any house charges applied toward the initiation fee.  It's a great way to explore SSYC.


Auxiliary Donates Funds for Outdoor Speakers

cookie mueller mountedBy Helen “Cookie” Mueller, PC
Auxiliary President

At the April 4 Auxiliary meeting, the Auxiliary approved a donation of $2,000 to the House Committee.  The money was used to install outdoor speakers at SSYC.  This is the final phase of renovation of the sound system of the clubhouse.  Look and listen for improvements in SSYC outdoor events this summer.

The June 6 meeting will be the annual Auxiliary Picnic.  Members are asked to bring an appetizer, salad or dessert to share at the picnic.  Please call the Club at 481-2331 to RSVP for the picnic.  The entertainment for the evening will be a barbershop quartet.  Let’s dress in red, white and blue to honor our country.  Queen’s Cup merchandise will be available for Auxiliary members to purchase at the June meeting, so bring your checkbooks! 

SSYC Auxiliary membership applications are available in the club office or on the SSYC website.  Please contact Cookie Mueller at if you have any questions.



Power Boaters

george graubner mountedFrom Wine Tasting Out to the Tent

By George Graubner
Rear Commodore

The Power Boaters hosted a very successful and fun time for the Club at our Wine Tasting. We had 81 people who signed up for this event. Corvina stated they were very happy with their returns: they sold a lot of wine. I think a lot of it was drunk by the attendees. Sam Spiegel and our kitchen staff did an outstanding job with the great hors d'oeuvres.

I need to thank Scott & Barb Burke, Carol & Erv Schloemer, and Dan & Donna Danowski. They did a great job in setting up this event. I must also again thank the whole staff of South Shore Yacht Club. This is a great event and it has been getting better every year. Tying this with the Disco night makes the whole evening better.

Coming up in May, we'll start the Power Boaters' Under the Tent series. Like all events sponsored by the Power Boaters, this is open to all Club members.

Ed Hahlbeck is planning some great Tent events. Look out for the first one, Italian Night. The flier has been sent out via email. I understand from Ed that he will be adding a few surprises. Italian Night Under the Tent will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. May11. Check the Club event page for updates regarding this and other events.

I will be having a Power Boater Committee meeting at 7 p.m. May 24 for anyone interested in helping with the Power Boater events. The main topic will be the upcoming SSYC/LYMA open house, July 7-9, where we need a lot of volunteers. Doug Reading is already working on the flea market. Talk to Doug regarding reserving your table. In fact, I have already received some donations. More to come!




Why SS-SSS?  Here's the Answer

By Barbara R. Drake
Fleet Captain

Past Commodore Royce Komor died last month at his home in Florida. In 2005, I published the following letter from Royce explaining the origins of the SS-SSS Wednesday night sail race fleet. For those new to the Club, it's a good history lesson. For those who have been here a while, it no doubt will bring nice memories of Royce and of earlier days.


The SS-SSS program was started because of the changes that were taking place in sailing generally, and at the Club.


During the 1930s South Shore Yacht Club was a neighborhood institution, and all of the kids grew up just "over the hill".  Sailors were many, and boats were few in those days.  You had be pretty willing, and a little bit good, to get to sail with anyone at all.  You worked your way up the pecking order to get to race on the "hot" boats.  (You will note that it was the converse of the situation we have now.)


With the advent of mass produced fiberglass boats and the improvement of the post-wartime economy, the fleet and the membership began to increase at such a rate that they [the new sailors] were no longer being assimilated in the previous fashion.  We racers raced, and the new sailors looked on without being noticed, or even known,  I'll confess to compounding the problem by building the first of our modern slips when I was Commodore in 1970-1971.  Therefore, I instituted SS-SSS which was intended to introduce the newer sailor into the sport.  The idea was to get the newer sailors to feel comfortable on the race course and then join the regular racing events.

   /s/ Royce Komor

 Registration Forms are Due in Office by May 24

If you were a 2016 member of the SS-SSS fleet, your Notice of Race has been mailed to you.  If you are interested in joining the fleet, the form is on-line and it will be available at the Club in the document holder by the North Bulletin Board.

In order to race in the first race on May 31, you must have your form, check, and proof of insurance in the SSYC office by May 24. 

Penalties, Not Turns, Will Punish Infractions

Because of the size of the fleet, it was decided that using penalty turns for infractions on the race course was not safe.  Rule 44.3 is being used instead, and Bob Franke has provided us with the following complete explanation on how this rule will be used.


SS-SSS Fleet Votes to Keep Racing Rule of Sailing (RRS) 44.3 - Scoring Penalty and add Appendix V2

By Bob Franke 

On Wednesday, April 19, the SS-SSS Fleet voted to keep RRS 44.3 and add RRS Appendix V2 for inclusion into the 2017 SS-SSS Sailing Instructions.  Thanks to Dave Wehnes for describing the difference between RRS 44.1, RRS 44.3 and Appendix V2 prior to the fleet’s vote.

So what does this mean for a boat while racing in the 2017 SS-SSS Wednesday night series?  

1st:  If your RRS rulebook cover does not have two Lasers rounding a yellow race mark, with the dates of 2017-2020, then you need to call US Sailing at 1-800-877-2451 or go to and become a US Sailing member today.  US Sailing membership includes a free copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 and also affords you a discount on your SS-SSS entry fee.  An upgraded waterproof version of the RSS is also available.

2nd:  RRS 44.3 only applies to a rule violation in Part 2, When Boats Meet (pages 11-16).  Yes, the 2017-2020 RRS rule book is 185 pages long, and yet only 6 pages cover all the racing rules that one needs to know on how to avoid contact while on the water.

3rd:  RRS 44.3 also allows a boat to take a scoring penalty for a RRS 31 violation – Touching a Mark.  This means that a boat shall NOT attempt to exonerate herself by taking a One-turn Penalty as prescribed in RRS 44.1.

4th:   A boat that takes a RRS 44.3 Scoring Penalty shall do so by displaying a yellow flag at the first reasonable opportunity after the incident, per (a).

5th:  A boat that has taken a RRS 44.3 Scoring Penalty shall keep the yellow flag displayed until finishing, call it to the Race Committee's attention and identity any other boat(s) involved, per (b).

6th:  A boat that has taken a RRS 44.3 Scoring Penalty shall receive a 20% penalty, per (c). Once a boat has finished and is longer racing, RRS 44.3 is no longer an option.

7th:  After a race, a boat that has broken a rule in Part 2 or RRS 31 while racing, but has not taken a RRS 44.3 Scoring Penalty, may take an Appendix V2 Alternate - Post Race Penalty, as prescribed in the Sailing Instructions.  A written notice to the Race Committee describing the incident and any other boat(s) is required.  This option can only be taken before a protest hearing has begun.  

8th:  A boat always has the option of taking a RET (Retired) by informing the Race Committee.

9th:  Finally, a boat that violates RRS 14, will still be disqualified if the contact causes damage and or injury.

So, as a SS-SSS skipper, do you have a yellow scoring penalty flag onboard?  If not, one can be purchased at or  

And remember, the sport of sailboat racing has always been considered a 'Corinthian' (/kəˈrinTHēən/) sport, so we are all always on our honor to sail by the RRS.  The time after the race is best spent socializing with family and friends, not filling out protest forms.


Thank you, Bob, for taking the time to write this explanation for our sailors.

Hope to see you on the line on May 31 as I start my 34th year of race committee.

-Barbara Drake

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Parking Lot

greg gaitens mountedParking Lot Work Still Set to Finish by June 30

By Greg Gaitens
Slips Director

Several members have been asking about the parking lot reconstruction schedule. There is an updated version posted on the website for reference. Although various tasks may have moved in or out, the bottom line is that the completion date of June 30 has not changed and the overall project remains on schedule.

There are some project tasks starting that all club members need to be aware of. Please keep in mind that tasks in the schedule are weather dependent.

Starting this week, the contractors will be pouring the curb and gutter on the east side of the club’s skid lot. The design of the curb and gutter are much shallower than your typical street curb and gutter. The County requires the cement to cure 7 days before heavy traffic. Members should not move skids or trailers over the new pour. The skid lot can be used by accessing it from the south side, Knock Street, avoiding the need to travel over the curb and gutter while they cure.

The turbidity curtain behind F dock will be removed on Friday, May 5.  All dredging for the sea wall behind the west side of F dock will be completed by May 5.  

The week of May 15, the contractors plan to begin paving the parking lot. It is not clear at this time if there will be any limitations around moving boats or trailers during the paving phase. The membership will be notified if limitations are imposed by the County during paving.

SSYC worked with the County’s contractors to reschedule the cement pour in front of the SSYC main gate until after May 25, the last day of launch. This will enable Waterfront Services to manage the lift schedule as planned providing truck, trailer and skid traffic on and off our grounds. Access to the skid lot will be maintained for staging of trailers and skids.   

The Grounds Committee has been getting bids on replacing our worn out front fence. The thinking is that replacing the front fence now will be less expensive than trying to do it after the County has installed the landscaping and plants along the fence line.  The Parking Lot Committee obtained agreement from the County to hold off on starting the landscaping along the fence line. This buys the Club time to review bids and consider options. The County will proceed with grading but, hold off on the landscaping for a couple of weeks.  (See further details in From the Helm.)

Again, please be cautious and use extra care when driving through and walking across the parking lot. There is a lot of heavy equipment, temporary fencing, trenches and piles of staged materials. The contractors have safety as a priority. Help them keep things safe by observing from a distance. Also, from time to time members or staff may be asked to move their cars. Please politely cooperate in a timely fashion to help keep the project on schedule.

Waterfront Services

Caution:  With Launch This Year Comes Construction

jim casper compass author

Along with the launch season, 2017 has also brought the construction season at South Shore Yacht Club.  Unfortunately, they are not necessarily compatible. 

A few boats are already in the water.  The first full day of launch will be Saturday, May 6.  The County will be working on the parking lot (see Greg Gaiten's article), which will cause disruptions in some of our normal practices.  Pay attention if you get communications from the Club about moving or not moving your trailers, cradles and skids, and try to comply promptly and with a good attitude.  We're all trying to make this work. 

Due to the parking lot construction, we will not be able to pull skids and cradles to the skid lot on the casters, so plan accordingly. 

As always, if a skid or cradle is equipped with tires, we will move it to the skid lot. 

Thank you for your cooperation during this busy time of two seasons at SSYC.

Tender Work Underway

We are currently working on the SSYC tender.  The new ring gear has been delivered and will be installed soon.  The tender passed inspection by the United States Coast Guard and will be ready for service by the end of May. 



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From Easter Eggs to Mother's Day, Juniors Keep Busydick olson

The annual Easter Egg Hunt (see photos, above) was a big success with over 80 participants.  After collecting eggs in South Shore Park, all returned for arts, crafts and some food.  Special thank yous to Stacy Trisco, Zane Johnson, Kathy Readying, Bob Harley and the other volunteers for making this a great event for the children.
Tickets for the annual Parking Spot Raffle are available at the bar.  Cost is $5 per ticket, or 3 for $10.  Get yours now and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner and park next to the Commodore by the front door.  With the upcoming construction, that parking spot will be nice for the lucky winner.  The drawing will be June 10 at the Review of the Fleet.
Mother’s Day Brunch is set for Sunday, May 14.  This is an annual event with the Juniors serving food and working in the kitchen.  Adults tickets are $17; Children 4-10 years are $10 and children 3 years or younger are free.  Don’t miss this fun family event.  We do need some adult volunteers, so please contact Jo Randerson at and join in on the fun.
June 1, we’ll have a meeting for all parents of children enrolled in our Sail Lessons and Regattas.  There are some changes, so please plan to attend.
Upcoming Committee Meetings:  Regatta Committee: Thursday, May 11 at 7 p.m.  Kaszube Cup Committee: Thursday, May 18 at 7 p.m. 
We’re busy working with Izzy Hamilton and the instructors to kick off the 2017 Juniors Sail Lessons and Regattas.   We do need some new volunteers to continue our traditions with the SSYC Juniors Sailing Foundation.  All members (no restrictions) are invited to join us for the 2017 Season.   Any questions, contact me at   .Thank you to everyone who makes this program such a success, year after year.




From the GM

May is Off and Running

pat nora


We are less than a week away from a tradition at SSYC: The Derby Party starts at 3 p.m. this Saturday, May 6, and is followed by live music from Club favorite Hat Trick. Join in all the fun.

Saturday, May 13, brings something new, Prime Rib in the Lakeside Lounge. We will be serving from 5 to 9 p.m. It won't be fancy, but it will be delicious! Watch for more details.

Sunday, May 14, brings the Juniors Mother's Day Brunch. RSVP by calling the Office at 414-481-2331.

On Saturday, May 20, enjoy our first Seafood Buffet of the season. More info to come. Top off the evening by enjoying the musical stylings of Byron in the lounge from 7 to 10 p.m.

Don't forget that summer hours started Monday, May 1.

Club Hours:
    Monday thru Friday open at 11 a.m.
    Weekends open at 10 a.m.

We have a great summer of activities planned, so introduce a friend to SSYC.




The Community

BVCC Honors SSYC  

For 20 years, South Shore Yacht Club has hosted the Bay View Community Center's annual fundraiser as a donation to this worthy community effort.  This year was no exception, with a full dining room of BVCC supporters and friends gathering Wednesday, May 3, for a buffet, beer tasting and wildly successful charity auction.

The Club's service to BVCC was recognized with the surprise presentation of a plaque commemorating the 20-year connection.  BVCC President and CEO Linda Nieft recounted the Club's "support and generosity" through the years. 

BVCC, at 1320 East Oklahoma Ave., is a not-for-profit organization providing education, social, and community outreach programs for children, youth, adults and seniors.

And Thank You, Juniors

The Juniors recently received a Thank You from Bay View Community Center, acknowledging nine bags of food donated by the Juniors to the BVCC Food and Infant Formula Pantry.

The donations are from Juniors' events such as Breakfast With Santa and the Easter Egg Hunt. The Auxiliary is a frequent contributor to BVCC as well.

The Juniors don't just learn about sailing, they learn about community service, too.  Well done.



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Our Newest Members

At its April meeting, the Board of Directors approved new Active Members Craig Winterland, left, and Logan Prosser, center, with Claire Porzondek. Craig will keep his fishing boat at the Club.  Logan and Claire are looking forward to sailing their boat from the Club, and maybe some racing, too.

Membership by the Numbers

As of April 18:

Active Members - 484

Associate I - 6

Associate II - 7

Life Members - 175

Non-Resident - 86

Life Surviving Spouse – 44



Entertainment Committee

From Yacht Club to Discotheque

vince verhasselt updated compass

On Friday, April 7, at 8 p.m., the speakers started to be roll in, and the lights were brought into the Club. All this to transform South Shore Yacht Club into the Great Disco Party. Thanks for the help of Wendy and Glen Ponting for lighting and setup. Then we completed the setup on Saturday morning, April 8. Tom Gale took charge of the lighting and Rick Trisco supplied some of the lights. Bridgett Lenz and her team of Cherie, Kristin, and Jean completed the decorations. My Grandson, Evan McNeal, a/k/a DJ Dock-ter (E) played the best of the '70s and '80s disco music. The dance floor was full from the first song to the last. A good time was had by all.

May 6 will be the Kentucky Derby Party. Be sure to stop by and try a mint julep. All the festivities begin at 3 p.m. The derby will run at 5:34 p.m. Come down to the Club for all the fun. The band Hat Trick will take the stage at 7 p.m. 

Anyone looking to join a committee, meet other members, or work to help plan and execute these events:  we are looking for you. Our next meeting will be held at 7 p.m.  May 17 in the dining room. You can also call me at 414-704-3306.

These photos by Vince show the preparation and the disco that resulted!




Double Handers Set Friday Race Dates

By Bruce Nason
Fleet Co-Captain

The schedule is posted online for the 2017 Double Hand series. All races are set for the third Fridays in June, July, August and September. The entry fee remains the same and there aren't any changes to the fixed course or Race Instructions, which along with the Notice of Race and Entry Forms will be in the rack in the North hallway soon.

As in the past First Warning is at 1555 (that's 3:55 pm) and Co-Captain Carolyn and her helpers will be cooking up the usual post-race feast.

For our new SSYC members, the Double Hand Fleet is a very casual and fun fleet whose primary goal is just get out on the lake for a fun sail and social event to start off the weekend. It's a non-spinnaker race in which boats are limited to only the skipper and one crewmember. It's sailed on the same course each time and protests are vigorously discouraged. While awards aren't given for each individual race, at the season's end the top three competitors are given awards at the annual Winner's Dinner. The post-race social is held whether or not the race is sailed. The race PRO has the authority to cancel the race in unsafe weather conditions.

As we announced after last September's race this will be Carolyn's and my last season as fleet co-captains, so we will need another person(s) to step forward to take the Double Hand Fleet helm if the Friday evening races are to continue next year.



Ulster Project

Milwaukee Ulster Project Sail is July 18

By Bruce Nason PC

South Shore Yacht Club will again be invaded by 15 to 20 teenagers from Northern Ireland on Tuesday evening, July 18. As part of SSYC's community involvement, sailors at SSYC have hosted an early evening sail and cook-out for the Milwaukee Ulster Project kids and their local sponsors for more than a decade.

The Ulster Project is a nation-wide program where U.S. cities host kids from Northern Ireland, both Catholic and Protestant, for several weeks of workshops and friendship events. The goal is to bring those friendships back to their home neighborhoods.

Our evening sail and cook-out usually happens shortly before their return to Ireland and is sometimes a very emotional time for the kids and their sponsors. As the pictures below from last year show, it's also a very happy time. We coordinate the event with Bay View neighbors John and Mary Fisher.

We'll need a half dozen or so boats to take the kids out for about an hour sail (weather permitting) before the cook-out under the tent. Skippers and crew are always welcome at the cook-out, and usually skippers receive a bottle of adult beverage as a thankyou. If you'd like to participate, please contact Bruce Nason, 414-460-9022 or





Slips Get a Facelift

The April work day saw about 30 volunteers build new walkways as well as perform regular maintenance, upgrades and spring refurbishment.  Bruce Nason captured the action in these photos.



Easter Egg Hunt

Finding Treasures in the Sun

Some 80 folks turned out for the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Juniors.  Thanks to Bruce Nason for these photos.




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