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Your Presence is Requested June 9 at 2018 Review of the Fleet

By Jo Ann Randerson
Entertainment Committee

If you are reading this, you are probably a SSYC or Auxiliary Member. If so, then perhaps you know that if you attend nothing else at SSYC during the year, you should attend and participate in the Review of the Fleet.

The Review of the Fleet is the most meaningful AND important event at a yacht club. The Review of the Fleet began at SSYC in the 1930s and has had as many as 60 boats in the parade. This year, the Review of the Fleet will be held on June 9 at 3 p.m.

As a fairly new SSYC Member, I had no idea what constitutes the Review of the Fleet. After a bit of research and a questioning attitude, I realized we should all attend this event!

The purpose of the Review of the Fleet is to:

  1. Remember members of SSYC who have passed away during the past year. The Juniors President presents flowers to members of the Race Committee when they pass the review stand on the Lily E. The Race Committee then motors out to the green bell buoy and tosses the flowers in the Lake to honor those who have died in the past year and also previous years.
  2. Bless the fleet. The Blessing of the Fleet is a centuries-old tradition, adopted by SSYC, which originated in southern European, predominantly Catholic, fishing communities. A blessing from the local priest ensured a safe and bountiful season.
  3. Recognize the SSYC Commodore and Flag Officers with the fleet passing in review. Participants parade their boats for review before the new season gets under way, and salute as the boats pass by the review stand.

SSYC members are invited to parade their boats during the review. If your boat only leaves your slip once a year, make it for the Review of the Fleet. At the very least, dressing of your boat for the parade calls for displaying the SSYC burgee. Other flags can be displayed as appropriate. Show off your wins!

The Review of the Fleet is an honored event full of tradition, but it is also intended to be fun! If you choose, you can dress your boat in this year’s theme, “A Great Escape.” Decorate your boat to represent what you believe is a great escape, and who knows, after you glide past the podium, your boat may be awarded a trophy for Best Power Boat or Best Sail Boat.

In celebration following the Review of the Fleet, join other members for dinner.  And later, the East Side Exclusive band will be playing along with plenty of dancing.

Your presence is requested. Please come. Honor past and present members, and possibly meet a few new ones.  And, if you'd like to enter your boat in the parade, click here!



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